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Girls designers summer wear

girls designes wear summer collection

Any summer celebration and festive event requires nice looking blouse. Your young girl will for sure like this one by Little Darlings of white color. It has no sleeves. A lovely waist around is embroidered with layers of satin and lace bows of ivory, pale yellow and blue colors. A yellow lace trim is also come around the edge.

Girls adore looking bright and remarkable during summer time. for this reason Graci suggests a unique dress of brisk blue color of knee length. A lovely trim of vivid yellow roses embroider the neck line. This item is designed especially for the most stylish and fancy girls. High sandals will only match the stunning look.

The new collection of Kate Mack & Biscotti has one main feature for the summer: chic. This pale yellow dress can fit this characteristic for sure. Look at this amazing embroidery that covers the whole dress. A white trim around the waist ends with a bow at the back. There is also a zip fastening for easy putting on and taking off.

The combination of denim and cotton fabric is also successful. This wonderful dress has a pale blue denim upper embroidered with blue flowers. There are poopers at the front and two imitation pockets. The body of the item is of white color made from soft cotton. Flowers are placed at the hem as well.

This year Dolce & Gabbana keeps to traditional using of black and white colors. This fine dress will catch the view both of parents and young ladies. A nice print of black patter creates a formal and festive look at once. Besides, small bows attached too. The dress is loose fit and come with long sleeves. A pair of black sandals will match the appearance of a girl.

Denim clothing is good for wearing in summers, as the fabric is natural and won’t make the kid feel herself uncomfortable. This long sleeved blouse has an oval neck line and buttons on the front. The classic style is combined with summer theme: floral embroidery can be seen on the item. A pair of white cotton trousers will look perfect with it.

Graci is sure that a fine accessory is able to change the look of a girl at once. For example, this hair band can create a casual style is putting it on with jeans; or it can serve as a perfect accessory for a birthday celebration. The white color permits wearing it with any clothing. a nice big satin rose is placed on one side.

An original design of a summer dress is represented by Young Versace. Halter neck is perfectly combined with a loose fit style of a dress. The bright golden and blue colors are the best for this season. The straps are crossed at the back. An elasticated back panel makes a good fitting. This is going to be the must have of each young girl.

Choose the most practical and comfortable footwear for summer. The material should be only natural. Have an advice by Bloch. These beige pumps come in traditional style with a small bow on the front. The sole is made from high quality rubber. These shoes will match a colorful summer dress.

Baby girl winter clothes

Baby girl winter clothes

Bright and elegant dresses are actual for girls of all ages. If you like to see your princess in a cute and comfortable outfit, then please pay attention to the embroidered tulle layer dress by I Pinco Pallino. The main color is not bright – it is rather tender and calm. At the same time it is compensated by the gorgeous decoration on the skirt’s upper layer – with embroidered bright pink roses. The sleeves are puffed and the waist is gathered a little bit, which contributes to creating a very beautiful silhouette. The metal zip on the back part is long enough to make the process of dressing an undressing absolutely easy.

Cotton hats are rather popular for babies, because the fabric is very nice to touch and never causes any irritation on the tender skin of your baby. The knitted hat by Döll is universal due to its color and very comfortable thanks to the ear flaps with double layers of fabric and soft ties, helping to fix it properly on the head, even if your baby is used to constant activities. Tiny pearls and cable knit pattern make the hat look really cute and appropriate to any type of clothing. Machine wash at 30 *C is a good option for the light- colored clothing. More

Baby Boy Designers Clothes for Winter

Baby Boy Designers Clothes for Winter

Tracksuits are rather popular among parents, who like buying them for their small children. They are easy to put on, they don’t limit the activities of the babies during their walks and playing, they are easy to wash and they are not demanding in style, as it is enough to add a suitable t-shirt either long-sleeved or short-sleeved and the baby is ready to explore the surrounding world. Monnalisa Ny&Lon suggests here a tracksuit made of soft cotton. The combination of colors is absolutely boyish – grey, white and brown. Thanks to the white color it doesn’t look gloomy, at the same time the colors are rather practical and don’t need constant washing.


Sweatshirts are usually found in the wardrobe of all children, because they are comfortable for children and parents, the one by Gant is made of soft cotton, with fleece inside part, which makes it not voluminous, but very warm and tender to touch. The pale grey color, combined with blue logo on the front is not demanding and would suit perfectly a pair of jeans or any sportive trousers. It is good for putting it on the t-shirt in case it is getting cooler outside, as well as under a puffer jacket, instead of a sweater.