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MARNI was founded by Consuelo Castiglioni. The current designers of MARNI adults’ collections have reached the point when it comes to producing something extraordinary for little fashionistas as well. The shocking collections of MARNI kid’s clothes are characterised with exceptional style and exclusive design of every piece of clothing. The brand’s designers pay much attention to the latest fashion tendencies in today’s fashion industry in order to produce truly exclusive kid’s wear for little children. The styles of kid’s wear offered by the brand include graphic silhouettes and simple shapes that make every item of clothing look lightsome. The brand’s designers use only noble materials in the process of kid’s wear production.

The kid’s wear offered by MARNI is a combination of moderate colors and bright collars decorated with floral prints that are admired by children and parents alike. Retro style is not an exception in the new collection of MARNI. Simple style of footwear for children will make your child feel comfortable and ensure the freedom of movement of his or her little feet. MARNI is a real firework of cheerful and playful designs. The clothes offered by the brand will keep your child in a good mood due to the thoroughly chosen and skilfully combined colours available in the collection of MARNI. This brand means ageless design that is distinguished by quintessential prints, powerful textures and inspiring colours.

Marni kids clothes

marni kids clothes

MARNI was founded by a Swiss designer Consuelo Castiglioni after she got married to the President of a fur company Giwi and decided to establish her own trademark of fashionable clothes. At first, MARNI collections were full of clothes made from fur, but then Consuelo found her own style in fashion. As a result, there was launched a bright collection of clothes created in the spirit of the 70s and characterized by unusually bright combinations of colors and free silhouettes. Every new idea of Consuelo does not contain any innovations or contradictions with the existing fashion tendencies. However, MARNI clothes are distinguished by the special attraction and warmth, as exactly these features penetrate every collection of the brand. The MARNI clothes are created in a friendly, free and bright casual style. Elegant yet unbelievably colorful dresses immediately attract attention of young girls.
MARNI is one of the most popular Italian brands that produce sophisticated clothes and extravagant accessories for young people. All goods by MARNI are made in an eclectic style which means a harmonious combination of various directions in design. Every new collection of MARNI implies the use of new fashion trends and daring decisions. The major direction of this trademark is the use of flower prints as well as abstract geometrical figures. MARNI continues to gain popularity with young customers all over the world.

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