BLOOM COCO Transat light wooden

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BLOOM COCO Transat light wooden

Buy BLOOM COCO Transat light wooden

The COCO vessel is ready to take off! This baby lounger is for interiors that are stylish and contemporary. The curved shape, which allows the baby to gently rock like in a rocking chair, has a very comfortable seat for the child, in micro-suede and leatherette , which is an imitation leather made from paper, plastic and recycled clothes. The micro-suede is very soft to the touch and, combined with the leatherette, is very easy to maintain; it’s a very pleasant material that’s easy to sponge clean. In addition, the seat is removable and can be washed by hand and allowed to dry in the open air. The harness, which keeps the child safely in the chair, has five different positions and can therefore be adjusted as the baby gets bigger. The lounger is suitable for newborn babies and up to 12kg (about 18 months). Size of lounger: 82cm x L41cm x H44 cm Net weight: 10.5 kg Availibility: beginning of October


Extra Seat For Coco Transat LBL_PRODUIT_XSELL_MANUF_SEO_1 BLOOM et

COCO Transat in white plexiglas LBL_PRODUIT_XSELL_MANUF_SEO_1 BLOOM

Material : Wood

Color : orange

Which need : To sleep

Shipping category : : 1

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